We Provide Private Tutoring Remotely Via Zoom and On School Campuses

Our online platform is a space where tutors and students interact in real-time. We share our entire curriculum and the students and tutors can write and draw examples, play educational games together and even use virtual manipulatives for math lessons!

Today’s educational system and methods can leave a student lost and confused. There is so much to learn in this day and age and teachers have to present material at such a rapid rate, that it is too fast for many students to absorb. This results in our children being robbed of their full potential and future. This doesn’t have to happen.

We firmly believe that all people can learn. All children deserve a chance to live up to their full potential. It is a matter of having the right educational tools, proper nutrition, good communication, the correct discipline and the help of loving adults. There are many solutions that we employ to produce a competent, self-reliant, productive child.

In order to be effective with children, you have to treat them as individuals and with respect and dignity. You have to listen to them and really care about what they are saying. They are people who have their own opinions, worries, likes, dislikes, etc., and they need to be acknowledged as such.

We believe that a child’s self-determinism needs to be preserved, and the goal is not a child who is a perfect little robot. Learning should be exciting and fun and inspire hope about one’s future. A person should be excited to go to school, not dreading it. There is no greater joy than helping someone discover the love of learning. We have the best job in the world!

Since 1989, we have tutored students ranging from those in need of homework help, to those enrolled in special education programs, from those diagnosed with learning differences such as ADD/ADHD and processing disorders, to the exceptionally bright or the gifted.

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We Provide Private Tutoring for Students from Preschool through 12th Grade and for students with IEP learning differences in all subjects at $85 per hour via Zoom and on School Campuses via the Special Ed Departments in the following subjects:


We are Reading Specialist with years of experience teaching students with Dyslexia, Specific Learning Disorders and IEP’s. We have a comprehensive method that is a research-backed strategy that includes phonics, fun drills and games in order to build fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Each student is given their own individualized program that assures that the student is allowed to progress at their own pace, with as much repetition as necessary to master each concept before moving on.

Our sessions include phonics, practice with fluency passages, and syllabication with stress on vocabulary and comprehension.  We have word-building exercises, practice with high-frequency words, reading fluency activities, and games all aimed at providing the student with the opportunity for gaining true reading skills.


Reading can be a major source of frustration to a child, parent and teacher. Our reading program has helped numerous children read fluently, up to and beyond grade level, and has helped many children place out of their IEP’s


Younger Students

Our phonics-based program ensures fluency and can be started as young as 3 years old. We employ fun websites and lots of games as well as a large variety of books. We start students off right by showing them how to build a vocabulary through reading and to be responsible for their own comprehension. If a student starts out with strong learning techniques, SAT scores and entrance exams are a breeze when he is older.


Older Students

Starting as early as 3rd or 4th grade, a student has to have comprehension skills, vocabulary, the ability to predict outcomes, make inferences and evaluate what they are reading. A lack of any of these skills is what makes up a “LOW READING LEVEL” or “READING BELOW GRADE LEVEL” and is commonly the reason for low grades in Social Studies and Science, also. Our reading program will resolve “LOW READING LEVELS “ and will quickly get the student up to grade level and functioning again in school. A child’s self- confidence is improved dramatically when he knows he can read and understand.  We have help many Middle School and High School Students grade level and place out of their IEP’s.


Our Math Program stresses true understanding and application of the subject. Children love all the games we use to make learning this subject fun and exciting. We fill in all the missing “holes” that students often have, which are responsible for making the subject seem so hard. This makes such a big difference; students feel so much better about themselves and the subject of math after all the missing information and skills are acquired.


Command over the written and spoken language instills confidence in an individual because he can communicate. Also, fair or not, our society often judges a person’s intelligence on his ability to speak and write correctly. Our English program is an easily comprehended and uncomplicated approach to English.


Often if there are difficulties in these subjects, it leads back to a reading issue. We can bring your child up to grade level in reading while using his text in these subjects as much as possible. We do as much as we can to bring these subjects more alive and interesting.


The ability to know how and where to look for and find information and then be able to evaluate that data is an invaluable skill that will not only serve your child in his school career, but in any career or field he chooses to go into. In this age of easily accessible knowledge, it is a shame for people to be shut off from all that is available simply because they don’t know where to start. Information is empowering and liberating and your child deserves to know how to acquire it.


Homework can be overwhelming to a child and is often assigned without the fundamental concept ever being taught in the classroom. In order to fully understand and successfully complete nightly assignments there are numerous skills that need to be known and properly used. These include organizational skills, understanding and following instructions, prioritizing and breaking long-term assignments down into smaller, more doable steps. These are rarely, if ever taught in school.


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